Error categorisation improvement 👾
Now we can categorize better the errors at any point of the pipeline. This allows us to send you a different email when we are sure the problem is with your file, so you have more information on what the issue is and how to fix it.
This also allows us to react differently depending on the kind of error. For example, if we know the file is corrupt we are not going to retry it automatically.
Protection from unexpected errors on the API 🛡
When we don't know why a file failed, we wait a couple of seconds and we try to do whatever we were doing again.
This improvement should also protect us from temporary hiccups in the network, like our providers not being accessible for a very small period of time.
Transcription pipeline reliability improvements 🚨
The main goal for this is to reduce the number of stuck files.
In the past, files would appear to be stuck because (1) we had very long timeouts, and (2) when there was a crash the files would not fail until the timeout.
Now, when there is a crash that cannot be recovered by a retry we just mark it as failed. We timeout the file based on the file length and the file size. And much earlier!
We automatically retry transcribing the file after a timeout, and the time increases on every attempt just in case
New tool: Audio joiner 🔊
This is the simplest tool to merge your audio files into one:
New free tool: Subtitle Time-shifter ⏳
You can use this new tool to sync the subtitles with your video by shifting the timecodes of your subtitle file!
Alignment available from the API 🔁
Now you can select the alignment service directly from the API!
For example, one use-case is "I recorded a video strictly following a script and I just want to automatically generate subtitles"
Zoom integration 📹
You can now connect your account to Happy Scribe and upload the files directly from your Zoom!
image (4)
image (7)
New export formats: DaVinci Resolve and Excel CSV ⬇️
We now support exporting markers as EDL and CSV 🗂
image (5)
⭐️ You are now able to rate the transcriptions ⭐️
You can now give a 1 to 5 star rating to your transcriptions.
You'll be able to let us know if the delivery time surpassed our usual turnaround, and rate the accuracy of the file with a few clicks:
Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 13
Clicking on 'How did we do on this transcript?' will open a pop-up in which you'll be able to give more details on your rating:
Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 13
Replace video on the Subtitles editor 📹
You can now replace the video file on the Subtitle Editor! On the Subtitle Editor, click on Settings and you will see a button to replace the video.
Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 10
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