🐞 The Bugs board is now closed
We decided to close the Bugs board so we can better keep track of the issues you encounter and work on them in a more streamlined way.
What can you do to report a bug?
Please send us an email at with the below format:
  1. Add a title
    : Clear and short, that summarizes the issue. Ex: Upload fails with 'Non 2xx error'
  2. Details
    : Containing an overview of the issue, how frequently it occurs and what triggers it. This section should contain useful facts for our team to reproduce and fix the Bug.
  3. Extra information
    : Screenshots, links, screen recordings and such make the investigative work much easier, which in turns becomes a faster resolution. So add as many attachments as you can, the more information the better!
Revamped uploader ✨
We have updated our uploader so it matches the coming changes on our platform.
You can learn more about it on this Helpdesk article. Happy learning!
Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 17
Ukrainian, Turkish and Indonesian available for translation
You can now translate to and from Ukrainian 🇺🇦, Turkish 🇹🇷 and Indonesian 🇮🇩 to the other languages available on Happy Scribe.
V1 of the new Transcriptions and Subtitle Editors!
After reading many NPS surveys, comments, reviews, and even having interviewed many of you, we realised that our editors needed a revamp, and that we were missing some tools to make your transcription process even smoother and easier.
I know you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Let me break some of the highlights down into a few bullet points for you:
- Cleaner, more efficient interface on
both editors
- Better
‘Speaker Names’
- And more!
Here’s a preview of our enhanced Transcription and Subtitle editors:
We're making these improvements so the editor becomes as intuitive and straightforward as possible, but we know changes may be a bit intimidating sometimes, so we have gone ahead and created some Helpdesk articles for you to get familiar with the changes 📚
In the coming weeks we’ll have more updates for you, from a Dashboard rework to a full Business account makeover
Stay tuned!
P.S: If you have any questions or feedback, please do let us know! You can contact us anytime by opening the chat on our website or sending an email to
Subtitle Translation Editor
We are happy to announce our new Subtitle Translation Editor:
How to enable it?
  1. Translate your subtitles.
  2. In the editor, click on Settings and enable "Show original translation".
Extra space before ? ! : ; in French 👏🏻
As requested, now, the system will add an extra space after ? ! : and ; in all French (France) files, to cut down the correction times 😊
Catalan Human-made transcription :catalan-flag:
Bon dia! You can now request our team of professional Catalan Scribes to transcribe your transcripts and subtitle files 💪
Swedish Human-made transcription :flag-se:
If you need help transcribing your Swedish files, we got you. You can now ask our team of Scribes to proofread the files while you focus on other tasks!
Sorting files on your Dashboard
You can now sort files on your Dashboard by name and date!
Below you'll find a short video showing how does it work:
Search bar improvement 🔎
Now when you use the search bar on your Dashboard, we will also look into the existing folders to pull up all the files that match your search. No more looking into each folder one by one!
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