Happyscribe's AI is a really good start, but there are some ways I think it could be improved, based on a couple of other programs I have used.
Looking at something like Castmagic, it does a really good job at coming up with AI content.
I compared two of the same recordings, and Castmagic's output was far more useful and like real notes, as opposed to Happyscribe's, which was very generic and not really like someone had listed to the recording and made notes.
Useful things from Castmagic it would be great if you could put in to Happyscribe:-
  1. Timestamped notes, with the ability to click the timestamp and be taken to it.
  2. Key session themes summary.
  3. Key topics and bullet points summarising them.
  4. Action points that can be taken based on the content. E.g., the content is about how to go and do something, the action points/worksheet then tells you things to go do.
  5. Goals and Objectives.
In Happyscribe, you can ask it, for example, to come up with Action Points based on the topic, but the AI doesn't seem to understand enough of what the talk is about. So the Action Items can actually have no relevance to the topic.
It's like Happyscribe "hears" sections in isolation and makes Action Items based on them, where Castmagic "hears" the whole talk and makes Action Items that make a bit more sense.
Similarly, if you ask Happyscribe AI for summary bullet points, it says things like "one speaker talks about this", "another speaker says this", instead of using the names I have put in for the speakers.